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Flexible and modular design

The flexible and modular design of our proprietary platform allows our solutions to be used as an alternative to telephone switchboards, but also as a voice component of comprehensive managed services offerings. Voipro is exclusively focussed on and fully committed to providing cloud communication services. In recent years, we have proven to provide quality services from our redundant data centers with a > 99.99% uptime guarantee. 


The scalable platform on which our services run are developed by Voipro themselves. High availability and quality are guaranteed thanks to the fact that Voipro provides their own dynamic routing on the internet, by means of the BGP4 protocol (AS 43437). This allows devices to always connect to one of the data centers via an optimal path. 

Api Integration

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows business partners to integrate voice services independently and to create their own product/market combinations.This flexibility and adaptability are key advantages which make Voipro stand out in the market.