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Voipro’s cloud communications services are available worldwide. It allows companies to work anywhere they want. Depending on the service you decrease, you will need an internet connection or mobile network.

Activation / porting DID 

Voipro International allows customers to extend the international reach of their telephone network rapidly and with limited costs. We maintain a supply of geographical and national phone numbers from almost 60 countries and 8,000 cities for direct inward dialing (DID). 

Mobile integration 
As well as providing a single number to be reached on, our true FMC solution present a single number for outbound calls so that calls made from mobile devices appear to originate from the caller’s extension rather than presenting a mobile number. It is even possible to dial internal numbers from your mobile phone when you are abroad.

Geographical/National phone numbers (DIDs)

We can supply phone numbers (DIDs) from the countries from the overview below. Please feel free to contact us for more information about activating, porting and mobile numbers to our platform.

Argentina Chile El Salvador Hungary Malta Portugal Spain
Australia China Estonia Ireland Mexico Puerto Rico Sweden
Austria Colombia Finland Israel Netherlands Romania Switzerland
Bahrain Croatia France Italy New Zealand Singapore Turkey
Belgium Cyprus Georgia Japan Norway Slovakia United Kingdom
Brazil Czech Republic Germany Latvia Panama Slovenia United States
Bulgaria Denmark Greece Lithuania Peru South Africa Venezuela
Canada Dominican Republic Hong Kong Luxembourg Poland South Korea Virgin Islands (u.s.)

Mobile DIDs on the platform
Mobile numbers support inbound voice and SMS communications. Voipro International collects voice calls and SMS messages via its interconnection with the local mobile telephone network directly to our platform. We can supply mobile DIDs from:

Belgium Sweden The Netherlands United States
Canada Spain United Kindom