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 Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice is the 21st century alternative to the traditional telephone switchboard. Hosted Voice is based on an “enterprise class” IP telephone switchboard in the cloud, which you can purchase as a service. You will have the advantages of a complete, professional telephone switchboard, but you’re not tied to a particular location, you won’t have to make any upfront investments, you won’t need any technical expertise and you will only pay for actual usage per month.

The advantages of Voipro’s Hosted Voice solutions:

•  Instant savings on call charges
•  You will only pay a fixed amount per month for active users of the system
•  Your employees will be able to work anywhere (Hot-Desking and Mobile integration)
•  Your organisation will be optimally accessible by such means as hunt groups, queues and conferencerooms
•  Voicemail and call forwarding are easily configurable by the user
•  SimulRing allows incoming calls to be forwarded to both fixed and mobile phones
•  You will be able to keep your existing telephone numbers and to add numbers in many countries
•  You will always have control and insight via the web portal (24/7)