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The World Communication Company

Voipro is manufacurer of a global communications platform, available worldwide. We let the world communicate.
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About Voipro

Voipro International was founded in 2006 as manufacturer of a global communications platform, available worldwide. Our success is directly linked to our values. We believe that success comes from never being satisfied. We constantly challenge ourselves with new ideas, solving problems and we are continually seeking innovative ways of optimizing operations and increasing service quality, all to the benefit of our customers. Our highly motivated, professional and reliable international team is located in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the USA.

High quality platform

Our platform is a hosted, scalable carrier-grade solution for providing SIP services to business customers and their users. The platform is flexible and can be easily extended to meet specific requirements.
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Mobile services

Stay connected with your business anywhere you go. Our Voi+ Mobile turns your mobile device into an extension of your business. Dial internal extensions or customers as you would if you were in your office, and control the functionality of Voi+ Connect remotely.
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API Integration

Voipro’s Application Programming Interface, is a Web module that enables Voipro customers to automate the ordering and configuration of hosted voice platform, phone numbers.

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